List of Articles

TANDs statement on Wolkait and Raya Nov. 03, 2018

TANDs statement on the current mob violence against Tigreans and other parts of Ethiopia Sept. 09, 2018

TAND intends to officially operate in Ethiopia 27.06.2018

TAND on Algeris agreement and border issue 10.06.2018

TAND's response to Abay Tsehaye Amharic 25.02.2018

TAND's response to Abay Tsehaye Tigrigna 25.02.2018

TAND's statement on current issues 10.02.2018

TAND's statement on the current crisis in Ethiopia 21st Dec. 2017

Dr. Aregawi on challenges of forming a broad united front presented
at the Frankfurt-Ethiopia Futures Conference, 9th 10th Dec. 2017

Dr. Aregawi on Wurayna. Oct. 2017

Dr. Aregawi on current challenges. Sept. 29.09.2017

Dr. Aregawi on current issues. Oct. 2016

Interview with Ato Ghidey Zeratsion on current issues. Sept. 2016

TANDs statement on the 12th congress of the TPLF. 11.09.2015

TAND press release on the Gondar uprising July 2016

Ghidey comments on GDP 12.09.2013

Aregawis paper on the Conference "The Horn of Africa in Crises
and Future Prospects, April 2009"

Commentary on constitution and abuse of power in Ethiopia by Jamila, Feb. 2009

Commentary by Jamila, a concerned woman from Tigray, Oct. 2008

TAND on the Ethio-Sudan border issue, June 2008 in Amharic.

A Must read article!!!
The Diatribe on 'African Renaisance'
Commentary on Meless' paper on 'African development and Renaisance'
By A. Ali, April 24,2008

Analysis by Paralysis: falling into the trap of Ethnicism
By Gebre Yemane, Sep.16,2007

A must read analyses !!!
The Cost of Doing Nothing about Siye and many Others can even
be more Expensive for Tigreans.
By Gebre Yemane, July8,2007

Arbitrary, Unlawful Deprivation of Life and Court Drama in Ethiopia
By Kidanemariam Alemie, H. May, 2007

A must read analyses !!!
The Other Side of the Moon: Dead Beginnings and Dead Ends:
A rebuff to Meles' paper on developmental state, March 2007
By Gebre Yemane

Statement from 3rd. Congress of TAND - March 9, 2007

Examining Political Commitment and Accountability in a Public
Service Delivery Reform (PSDR) in Ethiopia Dec.2006
By Gebre Yemane

UEDF - Testimony before the European Parliament, May 15, 2006

UEDF - Letter to Honorable Ana Gomes, March 24, 2006

Former member of TPLF & Ethiopian Defense Force (December, 2005)

TAND's statment on allegations by EPRDF Sept 2005, in Amharic.
"TPLF - MESON joint statement in 1980 Eth. calendar
See what TPLF said then and what it is saying now !!!"

An article for debate
"Meles has the power to inflict only that which we lack the strength to resist"
by Haki Berhane 10.09.2005

Who is a liar? : Meles or EU-Election Observation Mission
by the Network of Ethiopian Scholars 30.08.2005

Comments on the public meeting held on 31.07.2005 in Oslo
by Endashaw Mekonen

Public meeting with Ato Aregawi Berhe on 02082005

TAND - Combating ethnicity in the University - 20062005 in Amharic

Call to expose and fight EPRDF's malicious manouevre on ethnicity
by International Tigreans Democratic Association(ITDA) - 11062005 in Amharic

TAND - Call to Tigreans to unite their struggle and join the democratic movement against EPRDF
- 07062005 in Tigrigna

TANDs - Statement on election and the malicious hatred campaign of Meles
- 02062005 in Amharic

Statement regarding election by International Tigreans Democratic Association
- 26052005 in Amharic

TAND's statement in response to the 'interahamwe' threat from EPRDF May 11,2005
- in Amharic

The origin of TPLF by Aregawi Berhe, 2004

Exposing MMLT PART I
An aricle written 1979 Eth. calendar exposing the ideological confusion and absurdities
of TPLF/MLLT. By Ghidey Zeratsion - in Tigrigna

An aricle written 1979 Eth. calendar exposing the ideological confusion and absurdities
of TPLF/MLLT. By Ghidey Zeratsion - in Tigrigna

An article written 1980 Eth. calendar exposing the undemocratic nature
of TPLF/MLLT supported by documents. By Ghidey Zeratsion - in Tigrigna

TAND's statement on the up coming election in Ethiopia Feb. 15,2005 - in Amharic

TAND's statement on the border issue. Dec. 05,2004 - in Tigrigna

Meles on his statement to the press has comfortablly and
assertivly confirmed that his party TPLF will win in the 2005
parliamentary election. Rather his concerns are if the election
is conducted democratically. Here is the response from TAND - in Amharic.

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TAND's statement on the question of United Front. April,2002

TAND's statement on the direction of struggle in Ethiopia, Feb., 2002

Ghidey- Interview with Etiop May, 2001

Important!! TAND on the question of United front and Unity January 2001

TAND's statement on TPLF's split 26.03.2001

TPLF in search of a puppet organisation in Tigray

Ethio-Eritrea Conflict by Ghidey Zeratsion

Ethio-Eritrea Crisis by Aregawi Berhe